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Nhandemutande is a Google Certified Digital Media Consultancy Firm with a special interest on the country’s social media landscape. In Zimbabwe social media continues to outclass traditional media and according to Global Stats counter 2019 report , Facebook leads the roost with almost 48% market share in a population with over 6 million active internet users followed by other social media sites such as Pinterest and Twitter just to mention but a few. Over the past 2 to 3 years, social media bleeps or blunder have severely ruined lives of some prominent individuals and brands of reputable schools, corporates and organizations. As such Nhandemutande exist primarily to assist Individuals, schools, corporates and institutions to establish eye contact with their social media through raising awareness on implications of social media for individuals, schools, corporates and organizations as well as effective Digital Marketing Consultancy Services. 

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Making Social Media the Right Media.


To raise awareness on the implications of social media on individuals and corporate reputations and using social media as a tool of ensuring digital online presence for our clients.


To be a leading social media platform influencing young people and institutions to shift their mindset towards meaningful impact and development of Zimbabwe. 

Nhandemutande Media is inspired by :

  • The desire to make social media a safe space for young adolescents and youths
  • The desire to influence young people and youths to use social media for productive purposes so as to make meaningful impact to society and the nation at large.
  • The desire to raise awareness on the implications of social media on reputations of individuals,schools and corporates.
  • the desire to utilize social media to ensure digital existence of corporates so that they connect with their online clientele .(Facebook.Twitter,Instagram and Linkden


Are you looking to turn your social media to the next level or get your manuscript published including many other of our offerings? Don’t hesitate to get in touch on email: admin@nhandemutande.co.zw