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Blue Facebook dies,In with the New

Effective 1 September 2020,the old blue facebook will be a thing of the past.This follows a 2019 announcement by Facebook’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg who described the changes to Facebook’s new outlook as “The new Facebook” which is a visual marker for the company’s pivot towards privacy focused communication. The new Facebook reflects the […]

Robots are coming-Munengwa

….Urges young entrepreneurs to stop blaming the government and to become solution-bearers for the future He is an aggressive marketer and one of the most inspiring figures on Zimbabwe’s Social Media landscape.In this Interview which was first published by the JCI Business Impacter, I caught up with the man behind one of the country’s leading […]

The JCI TOYP Award was the “Fuel to the fire”-Eugene Peters

“.…says he is delighted by the emerging new class of young entrepreneurs Despite the turbulent economic times bedeviling Zimbabwe-there are many young entrepreneurs who have defied the odds and established their businesses in these murky economic waters.With less than two weeks left before the 2019 JCI Ten Outstanding Young People’s Awards(TOYP), Nhandemutande’s Editor Fungayi Sox […]

Social Media Impact-A touching story

Opinion Editorial-The Bulawayo Dog bite Victim&The Power of Social Media “Guess who has come home for dinner“….tweeted Hon Raj Modi on his Twitter page rhetorically as he announced the heroic return of Cherish Muchegwa after three months of treatment in India.Hon Modi’s Twitter page boasts of almost 12000 followers. She went to India on a […]

The role of Insurance Professionals;Pensions Officers

Between 2010 and 2014 an estimated 230 000 workers were retrenched according to the Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency(ZIMSTAT) Furthermore an average of 200 000 beneficiaries from the largest Social security service provider in the country-National Social Security Authority (NSSA) received their pensions and other benefits in 2017 alone.These figures are not inclusive of retirement and […]