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..As he utilizes social media to assist dog attack victim

Minister Modi is pictured attending to Ms Cherish Muchegwa-Source Sunday News

Deputy Minister of  Industry and Commerce Hon Raj Modi consistently used Social media to mobilise resources and inform the nation and the public of the progress made regarding a Bulawayo woman who was mauled by dogs-Nhandemutande has consistently observed.

The Bulawayo Woman,Cherish Muchegwa (25)-suffered a horrific attack from her landlady’s 5 dogs on the night of 10 March 2019.Ms Muchegwa relived the horrific attack of sounds of her flesh being torn off by the vicious canines which tore off flesh from Ms Muchegwa’s arms and legs and behind at a house in west Somerton suburb.Due to the distressing nature of the pictures showing exposed bones-Nhandemutande has opted not to share them being cognizant of our readers who maybe of nervous disposition.

Ms Cherish Muchegwa

After learning of Cherish’s horrific tale, Hon Raj Modi figured out that she needed about US $25000 for a series of operations and surgery to fix her torn body.

Cde Modi was quoted saying that after he saw the horrifying injuries suffered by Ms Muchegwa he was compelled to help. 

The incident happened when I was in Australia on holiday with my family, I saw the pictures in the few WhatsApp groups I am in. The extent of the injuries pushed me to step forward and help. I started a social media campaign for her and I have not stopped ever since. When I came home I visited her in hospital and it was amazing to see her smile despite everything she was going through. 

“After talking to her, I told myself I was going to do everything in my power to help her get the relevant treatment needed to heal her. I also made a silent promise that I was going to visit her in hospital again. The next time we will meet is when she is whole again, not a minute or second before she undergoes reconstructive surgery,” said the renowned businessman and philanthropist. 

Cde Modi has been at the forefront leading a fundraising campaign to raise funds needed for Ms Muchegwa to fly to India for reconstructive surgery. He has committed his own resources and time to the cause. He initiated a carwash fundraiser and even washed a number of cars, a scene that moved a few car owners resulting in them donating huge amounts of money

Minister Modi did not only stop there, he went on to find doctors who agreed to perform reconstructive surgery on Ms Muchegwa for a cheaper fee of US$10 000 at Kiran Hospital instead of US$25 000 they had been quoted by other hospitals. 

In a space of over two months-Minister Modi’s Twitter feeds were predominantly characterized by updates from fundraising activities such as car washes to donations from well-wishers as well as negotiating for a reduction of visa fees for Ms Muchegwa.In an interview at United Bulawayo hospital where she narrated her ordeal-She described how the decision to go back home dropping her son at her parent’s home before following her husband Mr Masaiti to church was nearly fatal.

“when they reached me one of them went for my arm and pulled me down and the other’s pounced on me and they started ravaging me. I think they were hungry because they clearly wanted to kill me”

Moreover Hon Modi negotiated with Kiran Hospital for a further 30 percent discount leaving the bill at US$7 000. He also pleaded with the Embassy of India to waiver Visa fees. A Visa to India costs US$120. 

Few days prior to compilation of this article Minister Modi took to Twitter once more to give an update on Ms Muchegwa whom he said was “recovering well” and he thanked doctors treating her for the great job as well as Kiran hospital for the hospitality rendered by the staff adding that the two were receiving “VIP Treatment”


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