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….Urges young entrepreneurs to stop blaming the government and to become solution-bearers for the future

He is an aggressive marketer and one of the most inspiring figures on Zimbabwe’s Social Media landscape.In this Interview which was first published by the JCI Business Impacter, I caught up with the man behind one of the country’s leading Air Conditioning Companies in Zimbabwe-Mr George Billionaire Munengwa the CEO of PRO-Air Zimbabwe. Read on……

  Through Social Media We know George Billionaire the father and family man,if i may ask how has the entrepreneurship, journey molded your character?

The entrepreneurship journey has been a journey that has brought self-discovery in me, one thing that I can guarantee you is that entrepreneurship is not for everybody and it’s not an easy journey but it’s for people who have passion in bringing forth better solutions to other people and you have to have serious love for it, you will go through dry pages.

I also understand that you had to quit your $300 job eventually taking a ‘step of faith’, did you start right away?

When I started PRO-AIR,I left where I was working, I had been blessed with twins, I was earning $300 and I was not able to buy pampers, milk and so on and these guys where finishing a bottle of milk daily which I could not afford, so eventually I had to man-up as I had children and family to take care of.

Humble beginnings indeed and through social media you often mention of your allergy to negativity, why is positive energy   essential to young entrepreneurs in the absence of start-up capital?

The only way for a person to grow is if they are in the correct environment. You can only plant a seed in a fertile environment, you can’t plant a seed in a rocky thorn and expect it to grow. A chicken is a chicken, if an eagle flies around a chicken he will soon forget his ability to fly and so it is the same with entrepreneurship, you need to hang around with people who are smarter than you are. If you are the smartest person in the room, then you need to change rooms, so for me I love people who are positive.

Your take on the recent abolition of the dollar and its implication to start-up entrepreneurs?

With the current situation I believe Zimbabwe is one of the most amazing places to start of a business, the least with barriers to entry. It is the best entrepreneurship hub and only for those with the guts to start. Those with excuses will keep on blaming the government or the Power company. When the USD was there people where complaining. I think the introduction of the RTGS dollar it’s a good thing and I am so looking forward to it. I think it will be a good going for us as a country to have its own currency.

On a parting note what would be your Advise to start-ups?

The best way is to get started, stop making excuses and blaming people. The Robots are coming and they are gonna be taking away all these jobs. You therefore have to take care of A.I(Artificial Intelligence) and these Robots are coming faster than ever. So those going to school thinking school is the solution, you are very misguided. Yes school is important but don’t let it fool you!!


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  1. I T Karonga
    April 10, 2020

    Very intresting& inspiring we really need to take care of A. I thank you…..

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