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Taking note of the strenuous efforts; time and work invested in building reputable schools, it is sad that a picture or video posted by a pupil or student can destroy all this effort and subsequently the reputation of the forestated institution. The same apply to a corporate organization’s where a simple picture or video posted by an employee can ruin down its reputation.

It is apparent that Social media poses a great danger to the reputations of individuals, families and organization’s they represent. Where these individuals are students they can easily soil the school or a group of school’s reputation with a single post or video posted on social media. What someone does on social media can easily become news that has a bearing on their future. Newspapers use social media as a point of reference, At Nhandemutande Media, we understands the tricks Young people use to circumvert school or parental rules regarding Social Media and the dangers Social Media poses to pupils

.Since 2018 Nhandemutande Media has created a platform where it engages experts in the media

Industry and Influential Individuals and has been going around schools facilitating Social Media Awareness presentations to pupils and teachers on the dangers of social media.Between 2019 and 2020 we ran a series of social media awareness campaigns which were targeted at keeping the girl child safe on social media.

Every student needs to be educated on how they can fully utilise social media to their advantage and not to their detriment.

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Social Media Safety Trainings for Schools & Students

As an experienced Social Media Organisation that has worked with Schools for almost 3 years, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it its own challenges and in response to this its rapidly transformed the way in which students learn. That means the student or the child now need to conduct their homework from their own mobile devices or various gadgets that being those of the parent and knowing kids, children and young students, exposure to social media may end up exposing them to different platforms resulting in catastrophic consequences. This course is very useful and helpful for both parents and students-Insert an image or graphic illustration speaking to E-learning and social media safety.

  • An overview of social media platforms and their use.
  • Dangers of Social Media
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • How to use Social Media for Learning
  • Social Media for Personal and Professional Development

Social Media Masterclass

This is just a generic intensive class that can be booked by Parents,students,business executives and everyone who wants to use social media for their own personal development

  • Introduction to Social Media Landscape
  • Social Media Demographics in Zimbabwe
  • Social Media for Personal and Professional Development
Social Media Masterclass

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